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Hello All!

Cybil here, talking to you all from beyond the veil.

...Don't ask questions. You all know I've done stranger things than this.

So I asked for recipes and I have to admit, you all delivered!  There were all amazing but I picked the ones that reminded me of my girls the most. This month I'm starting with Kandice's grandmother's recipe for peanut butter cups. There is no true baking involved so it's dedicated to my oldest and most stubborn daughter, Valerie, who once set our kitchen on fire trying to make mac and cheese.

That indignant yelling you're hearing in the distance is my eldest daughter bitching at me for telling you that.  Even on the other side of reality, that girl knows when I'm talking about her.

Let's hear what Kandice has to say:

My grandmother was from Tennessee and grew up in the coal mining camp her father worked at.  When she moved to Michigan with her husband, the house they bought was lovely but the kitchen was small.  So needless to say her holiday baking was limited.  She used a hand mixer over a stand mixer as she only had a small bit of counter available in the kitchen.  I believe this is why most of her recipes involved melting foods and chilling them.

That's the beauty of this recipe, everything is melted and thrown together and you do not need to bake it.  I'm sending the picture from her little cookbook and a photo of my attempt at the cups.

Though it doesn't mention it in the recipe, melt the butter (oleo substitute) first before adding in the chocolate to melt.  These hold up well in the fridge and can be frozen to be used the next year.

Below are the recipe and pictures of two of my earthly cooks who tested the recipe for me since it's hard to cook without a corporeal body. 

Thank you, Kandice! This was truly a lovely recipe! 

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