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So, I Started A Blog...

I used to keep blogs all the time.

I was one of those ancient Live Journal users (LJ to the old school savvy) and every day I'd park it at my keyboard to lament about my day; entries about my panic attacks during graduate school, how I was really into Moulin Rouge, or my train-wreck of a love life. Then Facebook came around and I more or less dumped the pages of navel gazing for quickie status updates. After that, came the art blog. I did artwork at conventions, was a hard core cosplayer, and a professional costume designer. I wanted to share my creative endeavors with my other artsy internet pals. Then I went into full time burnout and got a full time office job to better pay my bills. The art blog faded into dust (But still remains of you go to For the curious.)

Then I published my first book. At the time, everyone and their mother had a blog so I figured, I should too. And I did...kinda. But it was duller than shit. Seriously, it was so goddamned boring that I'm shocked that I didn't fall asleep while writing it. I tried to follow other authors and create something similar. Do advice columns, promote my books, try and appear professiona, yadah yadah yadah. The fact was, I had no flippin' idea what I was doing, both as a writer and as a blogger. I was just trying to put together posts that looked correct.

And I got bored...

...So bored...

....OOOOOH so bored.

And no one was reading it anyways so meh, goodbye good luck.

And yet here I am again. The siren's call of blogging has called to me once again! But this time I'm going to do things my way. There won't be a lot of sage advice, because I don't have much advice to give since I'm still super new at this. Instead, I'll be posting my journey as a writer while dealing with my anxiety, which I have in the form of a lovely disorder I was diagnosed with at the age of 25. Journaling got me through a lot of those crazy early years and after three very trying months of adulting, I figured what the hell? Lets try it again. So here I am. Feel free to read along. I hope not to bore you, this time!

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