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An Impractical Guide to Satyr Charming

An Impractical Guide to Satyr Charming


With her magic stolen, Ivy Bennett is a witch doomed to die. But she isn’t giving up without a fight. One ritual could restore her power, all she needs is a little elbow grease and an abandoned house in the woods. Unfortunately, the home’s current resident -an arrogant satyr named Finn- will not tolerate a witch in his territory. Ivy will be damned if the goat-legged jerk gets in her way. If only he wasn’t as sexy as he is infuriating. Charming a satyr isn't at the top of Ivy's do-to-list, but it's either come to a truce with the insufferable male or knock on death’s door.


After witnessing the slaughter of his herd, Finn’s sole purpose is to protect his brother and his lands from deadly witches. But when one moves in, his fury rises. While the need to drive the witch away is strong, his desire for her is stronger. Soon he finds himself wanting the lovely, stubborn female more than hating her. But keeping Ivy as his own would forfeit everything he’s held sacred. And now her presence has attracted something in the forest... Something that may destroy them all.

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