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gb so, when i boot with the live disk, i get a screen with a little orange bar that says ubuntu 12.10 and then the splash screen fades to a white screen with a mouse pointer that just sits there for 30 minutes and then finally a blank white screen mazz: again.. set up a user named whatever else. it will have a home dir. THEN make it a normal user bswartz: Try pressing ctrl+alt+F1 at the first white screen, what happens when you do so? Dr_Willis: but what if i have multiple users? Hey there, does anyone have any experience with Ubuntu Server and the type of environment it can be deployed into? Dr_Willis: i'd like to give them access to a shared folder i have on a server mazz: then you can use NFS. !nfs nfs is the network file system. See for information on installing and configuring NFS. Jordan_U: it says "sorry, try again" in both languages. then it says "booting kernel", then the splash screen fades to a black screen and stays there bswartz: thats not normall if the 'faulty' iso is not corrupted. one way to know for sure is to try the other iso file. !md5 To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see or bswartz: also be sure to check the # checksums on the 12.10 site. bswartz: That's odd, I would not expect to see a blank screen at all, just ctrl+alt+F1, and if you're still




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Eca Vrt Disk 2012 Dvd Iso Full35 reenwalt

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