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An Irrational Lesson on Witch-Boy Wooing
Magical Husbandry 2

Witch-Boy V2.jpg

Rowan Bennett has always been the lighthouse of his family; steadfast, dependable and constantly putting himself last. But when a malicious entity attaches itself to him, his life takes a disastrous turn. Now, with no job, no sleep, and the unbearable pain of a past best left buried, his only refuge is his sister’s magical (and very amorous) house. There’s only one problem. The brooding and utterly sexy satyr he’d ghosted still resides there. Callum takes Rowan’s return as a cue to start the mating ritual yet Rowan can’t give in, knowing it will only end in ruin. But with the entity growing stronger, the last safe haven he has is in Callum’s arms.


After the death of his former mate, the slaughter of his herd, and enduring unspeakable torture, misery is all Callum has known. But a light enters his world in the form of a handsome Witch-boy named Rowan. Ready with a smile (or a horrible pun) the ginger haired witch lifted his spirits like no one else.. until he ran, leaving Callum holding a heavy torch. But now that Rowan has returned, Callum has a second chance at wooing him. Yet paralyzing fears stand between him and his desires, making him doubt that a sweet Witch-boy would ever want a soul as broken as his.

CONTENT WARNINGS: Depictions panic attacks, PTSD, parental death, and mild violence.

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