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Siren's Song

Siren's Song ebook.jpg

She refuses to give in to her nature. He’s built tough walls around desire. Will they survive the heat of a scorching affair?


Adelle Constance buries her feelings for good reason. Despite needing her sister to rescue her from her vampire ex, the half-blood siren doesn’t dare risk unleashing her own terrifying powers. But she hates being saddled with a cranky fire-breathing guardian to teach her the art of control.


Jack swore to stay away from heartbreak. So when he’s tricked into a vow of protection over his ex-girlfriend’s imperiled cousin, the nine-hundred-year-old dragon can’t wait to get her trained and out his door. But as he teases out her supernatural song, he’s stunned to discover the headstrong girl sneaking past his emotional defenses.


While mastering her long-suppressed abilities, Adelle is startled to discover the beautiful heart of gold that lies beneath her teacher’s gruff, scaly exterior. And with bloodthirsty enemies hellbent on killing his precious charge, Jack fears he’s about to lose his love all over again.

CONTENT WARNINGS: Depictions of torture, violence, and discussion of parent death. 

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