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Starting Fires

Starting Fires

Bill the Skinner is only one bounty away from his freedom. He just has to catch Kindle -a fiery phoenix- to escape the slaver's whip. But Kindle's blazing confidence and sensual air ignites an inferno inside him, leaving Bill not only chasing her but desiring her as well. Now, the troll wants to claim her as his own. If only it wasn't at the cost of his life.


For thirty years, Kindle has run from the werewolf who put a price on her head.  Now, the best bounty hunter in the Wyrd has come for her and it will take more than a seductive smile and flirty wiggle to elude him. Bill's tenacity is unrelenting and his heated kisses are even more powerful. But if she gives in to him, an eternity of pain from the hands of her worst nightmare awaits her.

CONTENT WARNINGS: Violence, depictions and discussion of abuse, implied attempted sexual assault (but none on page).

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