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Trickster Business

Trickster Business

A Trickster Fae has come to Whitmore and there are only three things he could want; tribute, trouble, or the powerful ley-lines that Wendy Conelly is sworn to protect. Even though Galen's cocky grin makes her knees weak, she’ll be damned if the pointy-eared bastard starts anything in her town. But after trapping him with an unbreakable vow, she must resist his fiery kisses to collect the favor he now owes her. And Wendy is dangerously close to relenting to Galen's deepest desires. Perhaps with a little magical persuasion, she could have the fae and his favor as well.

Cunning, charming, and devastatingly handsome (as declared by himself) Galen the Gregarious is on a mission to gather Whitmore’s magical ley-lines for his Empress and free his brother from imprisonment. Yet a beautiful and arrogant mage has captured him with his own hubris, bringing his quest to a screeching halt. Wendy is always one step ahead of his trickster schemes, making his blood boil and his passion soar. Now, instead of defeating her he wants to claim her as his own. But Wendy will never surrender. And the fate of his brother, as well as his entire realm, rests on whether he can outsmart and out master the devious mage. 

The battle of wills has begun and only fate knows if it will end in total rapture or complete ruin.


CONTENT WARNINGS: Violence, unwanted sexual advances by a villain, depictions of abuse, and moments brought on by what can be considered Alzheimer's.

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